Pensions auto-enrolment

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Automatic enrolment into pension savings is here. There's no getting away from it, as 'Workie', the star of the government's television adverts tells us.


If it hasn’t already affected your business, it will do so at some time in the next 18 months. There are an estimated 1m employers yet to reach their Staging Date, with over 750,000 during 2017.


You can find out the Staging Date for your business by clicking here – you will need your PAYE reference number. Even if your date is later in 2017 or 2018, we recommend that you act now.


You may have heard people talking about how difficult it is to comply with auto-enrolment; that it will take you many months; and that you need to take expensive advice


We are different.   We can help you to choose a pension provider and comply in as little as a day.  Take a look at our AE delivered solution here.

Automatic enrolment is a process – it has a number of stages and things that must be done, but it is still simply a process. Get the process right and you will get auto-enrolment right.


  • We will help you to achieve auto-enrolment for your business - quickly, efficiently and simply.

  • We won’t charge you the earth: our fixed auto-enrolment fees (£475 in most cases) are exceptionally competitive and proportionate.

  • Visit our AE delivered website by following this link (opens in a new tab) or download our brochure here.

  • Get in touch to see how we can help you ensure that you and your employees are ‘in’

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