Pensions auto-enrolment (simpli-enrol)

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Automatic enrolment into pension savings has now been with us for over five years.  There's no getting away from it.  Well over 1m employers have already been through the process - if you were in business prior to October 2017, you may well have been one of them.  All new employers must now comply as soon as they employ someone.  Many employers have already been had their first three-yearly re-enrolment anniversary, requiring them to review and re-enrol any eligible workers.


You may have heard people talk about how difficult it was to comply with auto-enrolment and that it took many months.  Perhaps your business experienced difficulties and spent many hours working on it.


We are different.  Our AE delivered solution has helped many employers to comply and is continuing to do so.  Using our simple but comprehensive guidance, employers can choose, implement & communicate a workplace pension arrangement in as little as a day.

Already been through the process?  No problem.  Let our audit service give you peace of mind that you did everything properly.

Automatic enrolment is a process – it has a number of stages and things that must be done, but it is still simply a process. Get the process right and you will get auto-enrolment right.


  • We will help you to achieve auto-enrolment for your business - quickly, efficiently and simply.

  • Already complied with auto-enrolment?  The Pensions Regulator is carrying out spot-checks - many employers have made mistakes.  We can audit what you or your advisers have done.

  • We won’t charge you the earth: our fixed auto-enrolment fee (£475 in most cases) and our audit fee (from as little as £250) are exceptionally competitive and proportionate.

  • Visit our AE delivered website by following this link (opens in a new tab) or download our brochure here.

  • Get in touch to see how we can help you ensure that you and your employees are ‘in’

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