Pensions - governance

Boardroom table

Whatever your pension solution, it is vital that this is managed correctly.

Strong management (governance) of a pension arrangement forms a key part of the Pensions Regulator's guidance, to ensure good pension outcomes for your employees.

Our governance solutions meet and exceed the Regulator's guidance and cover both trust-based pension schemes (managed by boards of trustees) and contract-based pension arrangements (such as group personal pension and stakeholder arrangements).

Acting as your independent scheme secretary, we can:
  • attend every Trustee meeting (and sub-committee meetings)

  • prepare and manage all of the papers, minutes and documents

  • Manage external adviser appointments and relationships

  • Undertake corporate secretarial duties for trustee companies

For group pension arrangements, we can:
  • Assist with the setting up of a Governance Committee and act as a member (or chair) of this

  • Provide governance papers for each meeting as well as an annual Governance report

  • Help you to communicate the benefits of the arrangement to your employees and get them to engage with pensions saving

  • Assist you in meeting and managing your auto-enrolment duties - AE delivered