Governance & employee engagement (simpli-govern)

Boardroom table

Whatever your pension & benefits solutions, it is vital that these are managed correctly.

Strong management (governance) of a pension arrangement forms a key part of the Pensions Regulator's guidance, to ensure good pension outcomes for your employees.

Our governance solutions meet and exceed the Regulator's guidance and cover both trust-based pension schemes (managed by boards of trustees) and contract-based workplace pension arrangements (such as group personal pension and stakeholder arrangements).

For workplace group pension arrangements we can:
  • assist with the setting up of a Governance Committee and act as a member (or chair) of this

  • provide governance papers for each meeting as well as an annual Governance report

  • help you to identify trends and highlight issues to help improve member outcomes

  • raise topical and legislative issues which may affect your pension and benefit arrangements

  • prepare employee newletters, host seminars and use engaging, modern materials and methods to help you to communicate the benefits of the arrangement to your employees and get them to engage with pensions saving

  • assist you in meeting and managing your auto-enrolment duties - AE delivered

For trust-based pension arrangements we can:
  • attend every trustee meeting (and sub-committee meeting)

  • act as the trustees' independent Scheme Secretary - preparing and managing all of the papers, minutes and documents, and managing external adviser appointments and relationships

  • provide access to full actuarial and administration services

  • act as the trustees' adviser and provide technical support and guidance to help them to best undertake their duties

  • raise topical and legislative issues which may affect the trustees, the scheme and the employer

  • prepare employee newletters and use engaging, modern materials and methods to help the trustees to communicate the scheme and any changes to the members

  • undertake corporate secretarial duties for trustee companies

  • work with the employer, for example to help oversee the management of the scheme and review its suitability, costs and future options (see our Liability management page here)